It is true that there are many problems that we face and, for this reason, the civil engineers must be more convinced than ever of our reason for being, our leadership and our ability to continue to play the leading role which we have always represented in society.

Our projection in the world depend largely on our effort and dedication. This is what demand us this time, creativity and determination to succeed. We know, we can and want to.

We face a time of change, a time of challenges, times in which, in a matter as sensitive as the water, must seek sustainable development, combining the necessary competitiveness of our economy with social and territorial equilibrium, and the regeneration of our water ecosystems. It tries to open a debate and ideas to improve in the near future.

From our engineering we offer a wide range of possibilities for this natural source.

•Stations wastewater treatment plants (EDAR) wastewater.

•Stations for the treatment of drinking water (ETAP).

•Stations sea water desalination (EDAM).

•Pipes and drives of sanitation and stormwater.

•Watter channeling.

Water reservoir.



•And all kinds of projects related to water, energy and transport sectors.