PROJECT IN AFRICA     bioclimatic homes


Landome is able to develop integrated projects for towns in exceptional situations.


Extreme weather, natural disasters or the rising need of a settlement in a short time,covering all the needs of supply. All this without forgetting to create a comfortable and human environment.

From Landome, we develop also solutions to common needs in these nuclei, such as education, health, labour and trade centres. All the necessary infrastructure for the installation and commissioning of a population active.

The housing have an efficient and economical design. Arranged in shape enveloping, comfortable and compact, simple and modular, giving ease of installation and ability to manufacture in series. The construction system is based on the modulation of panels that give shape to the housing.


These unique features of design and construction system give exceptional advantages:


Reduction of deadlines for implementation

Reduction of costs

Maximum comfort

Minimum energy expenditure


Landome housing is available in several typologies, among which are:


" Nuba " 1 Floor

" Ashanti " 2 Floors