Building     Landome is a new concept of home and way of life. Bioclimatic of circular and optimal interior layout.


Design and patented construction system consists of a modular system consisting of heat insulating material and concrete. The construction system is developed using largely human and material resources of the country of destination, generating wealth and jobs in this country. With this constructive system gets a home fire retardant, water repellent and proven earthquake resistance, to the wind and the passage of time.

Construction system and the materials used reduce the sound emissions of gases and dust during its execution. At the same time, this system increases safety and health during the execution of the works, reduces the time and therefore costs. It uses non-polluting energy by photovoltaic solar and rainwater harvesting system.

It offers easy transport to any destination due to the modulation of the designed panels. It is suitable for any climate and use. High indoor environmental quality. Integrated into the landscape. Solid construction, highdurability and comfort at a low cost housing.