Landome housing has been developed by Ingeniería Procon, a team of experienced and highly qualified professionals that generate confidence in our clients satisfying your expectations of quality and efficient solutions. The application of technical and technological innovations has a fundamental role from the design of the project until its subsequent execution.

For the design and development of housing has taken into account the legislation of European reference (Eurocodes, technical commissions, regulations and international guidelines).

A multidisciplinary team is available for all kinds of projects related to the sectors of water, energy and transport, as well as the implementation and development of the housing or housing hubs, environment of the same, facilities and infrastructure needed:



Land-use planning.

Highways and roads.

Installations: electrical, sewage, water treatment.

Dotacional building and sports centres.

Harbors and airports.



Among potential clients for our activity is the United Nations programme for development, appearing as a provider of technical assistance in engineering, urban planning, architecture and consultancy for the execution of works in the field of development of the different territories. In addition, our ability to adapt in a competitive and globalized sector leads us to work according to an integrated system of quality, having the following international certificates:


•Certificate ER-0185 / 2011 the quality management UNE - EN - ISO 9001:2008

•Certificate GA-2011/0085 of management environmental UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004

•Certificate SST-0032/2011 management of health and safety at work OHSAS 18001:200